Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GSC Girls

Yesterday I went out with my sisters for a girls date. It was really great to hang out together because its often so busy at the events that we see each other at that we don't get to talk much with each other.
First we went to Sabaro, a great sushi place in Sellwood.

It was really fun and the sushi was SO good! Tuna, crab, shrimp, halibut and more! Oooh, I could barely contain myself.

Then we were off to buy each other Christmas gifts because we decided we didn't have enough time to wander the mall aimlessly ending up with a mediocre present. We chatted a lot and several store employees just thought we were so funny. We were fairly successful and I think I thoroughly wore out my two big sisters. I'm excited because we're going to make it a monthly get together. I love my sisters.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas, exercise and people

We got a Christmas tree! It's beautiful. We drove way out to the middle of no where and got a Noble Fir. We even got to saw it down ourselves, bind it, and toss it on top of the Tercel. We were rewarded with a nice cup of cocoa and cookies from the lady of the farm and she even took our picture, so nice! They are friends of Kari's from her church. It is our first Christmas in Oregon as a married couple and our first time buying a tree together. We realized that we don't have many ornaments, but that's ok. Maybe we'll get some on sale after Christmas this year. My mom gave me some ornaments and they're all the old ones with funny pictures of me as a kid or ones that I created in elementary school classes. It was so fun because we turned on the Christmas music and had all of our family over on Sunday to enjoy coffee and look at the tree in our new apartment.
In other news, I'm back on track with a serious workout regimine. I think I might beat the statistic of gaining weight at the holidays and do the opposite instead. I've been going every weekday at 10am and doing 30 minutes of the bike or elyptical and then lifting for another 30 before stretching and cooling down. Working out definately makes me feel like seizing the day much more than non-workout days!
As far as work goes, I have another client coming in this week. Plus I got a call from a local megachurch that is going to keep me on their referral list and might hire me on to do some hours for them at the church eventually. Donovan says if I don't get things rolling that I'm going to have to find a part time job, even if it's unrelated to my field. I hope things don't come to that. Right now I'm really excited about learning about each client and rereading some old grad school texts. I heard from some people in my offices that it can take up to a year to be doing "full time" work as a therapist, just because it takes so long to get connected in a community and be seeing enough clients to make it a full time thing. I never realized that there would be this wonderful adventure and risk in opening a private practice, and at times it can stress me out, but for now I am taking things day by day and really enjoying the adventure.