Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So, Don's birthday was really fun. I made two cakes one lemon and one chocolate and invited my great aunt Molly and great uncle Al over to share in the festivities. We ended up putting some candles on the lemon cake and singing for Molly too because her birthday was later that week. My mom told me it was her 72, but it was actually her 82nd, which made for some really good laughs. Molly couldn't believe we all thought that she was really 72. She is such a gem.

Work is monotonous. Sometimes I want to go live in a jungle and not shower for a few weeks, just to get outside of the norm. Oh, how sweet it is that I have Thurs and Fri off for Thanksgiving :) Yea!

Amy (Don's sis) and David will be here today from San Diego. They will stay for several days. Today Donovan is picking them up and taking them to Voo Doo Doughnuts, I may try to go too and make it my early lunch break :)

This weekend will be great! We will go to my sister Steph's house for Thanksgiving day and then to Don's aunt's that evening to see family including Amy and David, and our little cousin Kev who always wants to play play play (my way of getting out of playing on the trampoline for hours is to wear a dress every time I come over, lol). Then we are off to the beach for Fri-Sat or Sun, depending on who drives Amy and David to the airport. This is the BIG family gathering on Donovan's mom's side where we eat endlessly, play cards (and gramma kicks my butt), and we are forced every year to do a talent show, yikes! I still don't know what our talent will be this year.

I hope you are all as excited for a long weekend and Thanksgiving as I am. Nothing beats a holiday meant for family and food! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Don and I had fun playing house on Halloween and hosting trick-or-treaters coming by. We loved seeing the little ones. One forgot his line and said "Happy Halloween!" another one waddled because he was so little and had on such a big firefighter outfit, cuteness!

We made really cute pumpkins kissing each other and ate some candy while watching the U of O game on TV. Wow, we STOMPED USC. It was great.

Dimen doesn't love Halloween, but it's ok.

Tonight is another celebration, Don's bday! I will post more later after our celebrations :)