Monday, June 1, 2009

oregon in the summertime

I have to warn you. Life in Oregon is different because when the weather warms up, everyone evades all responsibility and plays in the sun. It's true. So if you don't hear from me too much on my blog you can better believe I will be doing one of the below activities, as I was doing some of these this weekend, instead of blogging.

sun bathing
eating, reading, or playing games on my patio
having a cocktail
going for a run or walk
playing bocce, frisbee, or frisbee golf
going to a park
vintage shopping on Belmont

Isn't it ironic that when life gets cool enough to blog about you don't want to sit down and blog it out?

In true note format I will continue, since the last one was so fun. Some things I used to do as a kid in Portland that I truly miss doing (most of them that my dad facilitated/paid for):

water skiing
boating and then going for a picnic somewhere pristine
more camping!
(one thing I don't miss is long trips to Kah-nee-ta!)

I miss him.

Well, I'm off for a run. It's going to be in the 80s and high 70s all week :)

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Christian and Erika said...

I totally agree--once you have stuff that is exciting to write about, it is hard to want to sit down and write about it instead of getting out there and doing it!