Thursday, August 19, 2010

what a social baby!

Eva loves her mornings in her chair. Recently I've put her little hanging animals above her and she loves it. It looks like she's having a conversation with these little creatures. This is great for me because she actually entertains herself. She is so social, she usually can't stand being in a quiet room alone. So this creates little friends for her to talk to. Yesterday she screamed after 5 mins or so and the look on her face was so priceless. It was as if she was saying, these people won't talk back to me! I'm done!

This was further established when our friends Ryan and Jon came to stay with us. I came out to the living room after hearing Eva wake up from her nap to find the two of them chatting together and having a good old time! During their stay Eva did very little fussing because Jon was so new and interesting and loved talking to her. Want to stay with us for a few more months Jon?

So in no time Eva will be talking to strangers, although she kinda already is because everyone and their mom (and grandma) want to talk to this pretty blue eyed baby. And she talks back of course.

Oh, Lord, please give us patience for those teenage years!

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