Thursday, May 26, 2011


Eva sleeps a LOT. Most parents say, "what a wonderful problem!" But I'm starting to hope that her sleeping/napping hours lessen soon. I miss being out in the sunshine and having longer stretches in the afternoons to be doing... well... anything. This is especially different because now she gets cranky and needs a nap but can't nap in the stroller (although sometimes I take her out during a nap anyway).

There are only so many quiet activities I can do in my house. Let me give you a ballpark... about 13 hours of sleep a night and at times as much as 3.5 hours of sleeping during the day. Wow! Surprisingly, I can still find ways to procrastinate the hard stuff like learning about my sewing machine, sending important emails, and getting my intern paperwork done. :)

Guess who just woke up? Her ears must have been burning!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Lots of growing going on in that cute little thing :)

Kiersten said...

That is a LOT of sleep! I completely understand how that could be limiting. Sophie is still at the stage where she will sleep anytime/anywhere for the most part and I'm doing my best to take full advantage of it.

Hopefully the summer sun will wake Eva up! In the meantime, I bet she's growing and I am excited to see what awesome creativity pours out as you figure out the sewing machine!