Saturday, April 11, 2009

if i was a twitterer

if I was a twitterer yesterday I would have said...

9am... nothing is quite as sad as going to GI Joes and hearing all the little girls scream "daaad!"
10am... my phone was lost but now its found (the culprit? the bottom of my purse)
11am ... the star my barista made in my hemp vanilla latte if almost as fabulous as the drink itself
11:30am... Andrea warms my heart and makes me enjoy myself more
12:30pm ... tulip trees are magical, almost a reason in themselves to live in Portland
1pm ... white girls love boba too
1:30pm ... probably the weirdest text I've ever sent: "what size of underwear do you wear?" (context: I was planning a close friend's lingerie shower)
2pm... sometimes real estate agents suck
2:30... should I buy the creepy green glass vase with a beautiful shape from the vintage furniture store or not?
3pm ... why do I live so far away from SE Portland?! I want to explore vintage stores all day!
4pm.... early Israeli dinner with my honey, yum!
5pm... Israeli is fattening, I'm off for a bike ride and frisbee with Don
5:30pm... spring is glorious
6pm... we still have one hour of sunlight left! (little did I know it's really 2 more hours now!)
7pm... cheap pub theater, gelato, or painting a wall tonight? hmmm.
8pm.... off the Joanne's then Gelato
10pm.... I love my husband. And I love my city.
12pm... good night fellow insomniacs


Walker Trask said...

2:30 - YES

Walker Trask said...'s Ruby :)

Christian and Erika said...

I LOVE this! :) Maybe you should twitter. Maybe. Or just post your tweets here. xo. Are you guys coming to Pas soon?