Thursday, April 23, 2009

my sinuses own me

Since Monday I have been feeling the allergy blues. Lewis, are you out there? Do you feel me on this one? Ugh, it's terrible. It makes me want to run to the beach. I think we're going to wait until tomorrow though so we can be there when the sun is shining.

Yesterday was the worst. It all caught up with me. I didn't do anything productive after 2pm. Donovan made dinner, cleaned the house, took care of me, and even made rhubarb pie before our strawberries went bad. Isn't he the best? I got to eat rhubarb pie in bed, it was fun. Although I would rather have a new and not congested head so I can go run and play and bike. I think it's the perfect storm of my bad allergies, reintroduction after two springs of living in LA where my allergies were better, and current stress (including my earlier in the week battle with the dog hair in the car, bad idea!).

I found this helpful website to let me know which days are worst than others for allergen pollutants. You can click on your state and enter your zip code and it's like a weather page only for allergens (from low to high rating for the day). I also heard about sublingual immunotherapy for the first time. I'm interested in learning more and possibly going to a naturopathic physician since medications have never worked well for me and the neti pot was already a wonderful introduction into natural medical remedies for my allergies. Finally, this article is the one that really helped me last night feel like there are still options that I can try so that I don't have to be in bed until summer comes. I hope this is of some use to allergy sufferers out there. (As a side note: Lewy, what are you going to do on the PCT if you have allergy problems?!)

I think through living in Portland and working in the "wellness" sector I am becoming more aware of eastern medicine, natural remidies, and better eating habits. Can you tell I kinda love Portland? It breaks my heart to think that many people like me end up moving away because this is one of the worst places in the nation for allergy sufferers. I don't want to live in a nearby coastal city, I want to live here.


Christian and Erika said...

:( hope you feel better soon. there was something on npr today about honey and sinus pressure...but i missed most of it.
nice work, don, on the caregiving.

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