Friday, July 2, 2010


I love her little nose. Sometimes it flares, those teeny tiny nostrils getting as big as they can and I call her my hippopotamus.
She has these lovely little coos. Everytime she does it my heart melts. "ooooh!"
Her little eyebrows have such character. They twist in wonder and curiosity, just like adults!
I love looking in her big eyes and seeing the reflections in them. There is plenty of time for this when we're breastfeeding or burping.
She loves gazing at the trees and the bright sky. She loves being in her stroller and going for walks.
I love stroking her soft baby hair.
I love looking at every inch of her... seeing every part of her skin and just observing her.

When I am holding her and feeding her I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to hurt a child. It makes me shiver just to think of crimes against children. I can never imagine what a parent would feel if something bad happened to their child.

I love showing her things and realizing they are brand new to her. A human being who has never seen grass! Never heard a certain word... "car"! Never smelled a flower, never listened to jazz, never watched someone cook, never seen someone brush their teeth. I love realizing this is her first time doing something. Her first time eating, her first poop, her first time outside, her first time in a car. Her first walk, night at home, month of life, time at the beach. My time flies quickly!

I love this little girl!

I worry with Donovan about the future. Will she learn compassion and empathy? Will she have a beautiful nose? Will she be something smart and great? Will she love us or reject us? Will she know and love God? I guess it's a parent's work to wonder about a child and pray for their protection and to at times feel lost in the smallness of our parenting and the largeness of the unknown.

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I want to meet her, I want to meet her, I want to meet her :)