Friday, May 22, 2009

memorial day!

You know you're married to a Canadian when...

D: I have to work Friday, Mon, and Tues... are we doing anything?
E: Yeah, we're going away for Memorial Day weekend. Tell him it will have to be bumped to Fri, Tues, Weds.
D: Memorial Day is this weekend?
E: Yeah.
D: Well I can't just tell him I'm off on Monday!
E: Yeah you can.
D: So Memorial Day is on what day?
E: Monday.
D: Does everyone get Monday off?
E: Yeah, pretty much!
D: Oh
Cue discussion on what Memorial Day means.

This is how most of our American holidays unfold year after year. I hate to say that as comical as this may seem, living in the midst of it is usually not very funny to me. #111 why things are different being married to a Canadian... why is it that none of my American friends believe me when I say this? It's true! Most of the time it's really good though... for example, my husband cares about the international news, realizes that our cultural lens is often small and selfish and acknowledges it in the moment, and highly values education more so than most Americans our age do.

We plan on going to Council, ID this weekend and having a fun time with Steph, Scotty, and his parents at their farm. Surely fun photos will follow upon our return. Happy Memorial Day all!


donovanaugust said...

Hey... I never asked what Memorial Day IS!

Janelle said...

LOL! totally understand...these crazy holidays creep up on ya Don!