Sunday, May 17, 2009

mom time

Lately I've been introducing my mom to cool things in Portland that she's been missing out on. The lady has lived in Portland her whole life and has never shopped on Alberta St?! Had brunch in LO? This is wrong. Granted she's been caregiving for my dad for 5.5 years, so it's been a rough patch. But with mother's day, her birthday and two different ladies dates I have had so much fun with her in the last month. Here's to the lady who gave me life, who has amazing legs, who just paid off her house!, and who I'm taking out for a meal this morning. I love you.


Janelle said...

your mom sounds awesome. how thoughtful of you to take her out for breakfast and show her the hot spots. (if I lived closer to my mom I'd do it too!)

Christian and Erika said...

so cute! there was once a time when she showed you everything you needed to know to be a thriving hipster, and now it is your turn. hope you two are having fun sharing portland adventures. xo