Tuesday, May 12, 2009

waiting period

Another weekend has flown by and the warmer weather has brought fun new things: baseball games and jerky, Mother's Day and crepes, flowers on the porch, frisbee in the park, kids playing outside, and neighbors with their "hello"s as we all go on our daily strolls. So fun!

Yesterday was my longer day of work: supervision and four clients. I'm still hoping and waiting for a response from the place I interviewed at last week. It was a hard interview but I really liked the supervisor and their theoretical perspective. In the meantime there have been some coffee shop dates, website planning, and wishful thinking on my part to get away from the monotony of our daily life for a few days. I didn't realize how disappointing it was to not be able to come see friends in LA this March. Now the desire to catch up with old friends, see a new place in the country, and play in a swimming pool is consuming me. When can we go?!

I guess the ambiguity of being a contractor and/or being under employed is what really consumes me. There is no vacation, there's no real hope for change, there's nothing saying that the next contract won't come for months (also nothing saying we won't still be contracting in another year). When there are houses for sale in the $200-230K price range all over the Portland metro area and a $8K tax credit (if purchased before 11/30/09) it makes it all the harder to just wait and say... ok, God... whenever you want to give us work... however you do it... we trust and follow you. It's torture.

I guess that's the honest assessment of how I'm feeling right now. I thought grad school was supposed to be the hard waiting period and afterward you were supposed to be able to do what you love, work in your field, and (call me crazy) make money. Sigh. Turns out this is a waiting period too. Wait for a job... wait for a family... wait for a dog... wait to visit friends... wait.


Christian and Erika said...

you are such a star, emily. you already have four clients! that is rad. i hope that you can come visit soon!

coffee connoisseur said...


I actually have 8 clients a week now. Praise God!

Janelle said...

The waiting game definitely depends on the job. Thanks for the enlightenment; I'll take your words to heart for when I'm a personal trainer on my own someday. Then I'll be in the same boat. The marketer in me prefers to think that there are always people out there that want what you sell. It's just a matter of reaching them, and how quickly you can do it. Your website's a great medium--and blogging really shows your wisdom to your potential clients. (I found a really bad therapist's website once. It was very "in-your-face-I'm-your-guy-for-everything" and had no details about his experience or knowledge or style whatsoever. total turnoff. Web 2.0, blogs, dialogue with users, etc. is totally the way to go.) Keep pressing on friend! Way to go!!