Sunday, February 8, 2009


So we're looking for churches still and I think we found one that we both want to commit to.... we're still talking about it. What I like about it is that it is small, they aren't into production but about growing as a community and keeping things simple, and that they are authentic people who really try to get to know new people. Of course, I really miss Mountainside, our money group, the kids there, Josh, and being supported by people in that community, especially regarding my work as a therapist. Yet, this place has a lot of things that I didn't know could exist in churches. They even have a community mental health clinic, although small, it is impressive that they are making that happen as a small church body and recognizing the mental health needs of the city and church.
The funny thing is, the church meets in two well known pubs in the Portland area. They are looking to expand to yet another site (3 church bodies now, to keep the communities small enough so everyone knows everyone's name) and the newer one is going to be out closer to where we live, which is great. Although, it is fun to be in the Pearl district once a week and stop for coffee (on the weeks we have the funds to). I think it's more important for me to have a place that I don't have to commute really far to get to though... driving a long way to church doesn't seem authentic to me (a long drive to church to see people that you never see the rest of the week??).
Today we talked about bodies and what we learn about our bodies from the culture and from churches/scripture/God. I felt really free to exercise because it is good for me, and to eat well because it is caring for this body that belongs to God, and to want those things not because I will be accepted by the world but rather because I am already accepted and because I want to live long and continue to grow and share God's love with others.

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Lewis Hyslip said...

Emily and Donovan, Grandma Marge was bursting with pride when she directed me to your blog. As you Know, Ben and Marge and we have been friends for many moons, and we rejoice with them and you at the good news of Donovan's work prospects.

The "Evergreen" paragraph is interesting. When so many churches are striving to be "big" and diminish the family aspect within, it is refreshing to read of the approach that you are taking, because after all, "I want to be where everybody knows my name." This is very important in the Body of Christ. Hang in There!

Lewis Hyslip