Monday, September 15, 2008

childhood memories and more

I've been taking pictures of things that I think are really special since I've been up to Portland. An old Halloween candy bucket from our childhood was one special find, hidden in my sister's closet with other decorations. Another was the old wheelbarrow that I used when I spent many autumns attempting to help my dad in the yard. I think one remembers to capture the little things in life more when they are on vacation.

There's nothing quite like home. Not too much has changed. I still like taking pictures of Dimen, and even though she's a year older and much calmer it is hard to capture her. If food is involved it makes it a bit easier. Another thing that hasn't changed is the wonderful fruits and veggies that show up at my parent's house from various neighbors and family member's gardens. Of course the best stuff is always from Molly and Al's yard.

One thing has changed though, dad's shed is finished and furnished! It even has working electricity and lights!

Right now Hershey is roaming around the house in the morning, huffing and talking with his eyes. He just "asked" to be let out. He is 8.5 years old now and is definately showing his age. He acts like an old man. I love him so much. Last night when he had his five minutes of cuddly time I hugged him and whispered to him like he likes. Oh, Hersh dog.

When we first arrived in Portland we went to the hospital to visit my dad. He had a surgery that went well but he had a morphine crash later that day and they sent him home, so he was in excruciating pain. It took hours to process him through the ER on a Friday night, but he eventually got back in. He looked good when we saw him and he was getting his pain regulated much better. This is a picture he took of us from his hospital bed. I really like it, good job dad!

We were instantly surprised at how beautiful it is in Portland. The trees are green with a tinge of yellow, a hint that the fall is just around the corner. The days are warm, in the 80s, but the mornings are incredibly cool. There is no sound of traffic, no smog, and very polite people. Parking is free, lots of dogs roam ahead of their owners off leash, there is much less worry about theft in general. The hospital is brand new too and the view is amazing. On one side we could see Mt. Hood and if it were clearer that morning Mt. St. Helens too. And it wasn't smog-unclear, it was fog-unclear! :) The other side hovers over a cute neighborhood and in the distance is the river and downtown. What a breath taking place!

Let me not forget, the whole purpose of this very exciting trip is... MY SIS IS GETTING MARRIED! Here is one small token of photographic documentation of her bachelorette party.
In our short time here we have also hit up our favorite area: Hawthorne. We went to Oasis and then to bubble tea. Here's a picture of Donovan at our fav bubble tea spot.

Yesterday we also had a sibling date and all got together for games and chatting. Here's a picture of Donovan winning the game. He's so good at Russian Rummy! Look at his face... pure joy!
We also played games and hung out in the afternoon with my in laws and enjoyed the warm weather from the Galloway's party patio... torches, games, and full on martha stewart looking patio furniture included. I was so glad they could come up from Salem to hang out!

Now we are off for the day to look at some possible future residences in the SE area and later tonight to my mom and dad's for some grub. I love family time!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Sounds like you're more than ready to move....

Andrew and Janneke said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your time in Oregon. I get more and more curious about this state...sounds like a great place to visit some day! I don't know if Andrew replied to your wine tasting evite? But my parents are unexpectedly coming tomorrow for two weeks to visit so we can't be there. Thanks a lot for the invitation though! When are you coming back to pasadena?