Monday, September 29, 2008

our new stranger friends

Donovan and I did something crazy! We met strangers. And we talked to them. And we had dinner with them. And we liked them.

Last month I read about a couple on World Vision's site that was interested in Uganda and went to Fuller. So I Facebooked them, they emailed back, and we met for dinner. We talked all about Uganda, being a therapist, our Fuller experience, agencies in Uganda, our hopes, and our prayers.

It was so encouraging to me at this point in my career and my life. It really gave me some direction and helped me focus on how I can prepare myself over the next year or two to be a better therapist and gain skills to hopefully use overseas.

Our new stranger-friends have friends in Portland and might come visit us when we move up this winter. It's fun meeting new people! I was surprised how easy it was to talk to them and how much we were on the same page. They too have been unfairly given highly priced parking tickets in Pasadena, know what it's like to ride a bike in heels to work, and have had interesting experiences in practicum at Fuller. I had such a fun night!

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