Tuesday, September 2, 2008

when in Palm Springs...

Donovan and I took the plunge and once again went to Palm Springs. It's always an adventure. This time was typical: the hot car ride, visits with the fam, sunny weather, lots of friendly men, outlet shopping and windy desert weather.

I really love waking up to silence. This weekend was better than usual. We were set up in Val and Con's guest room and opened the windows in the morning to see the large green lawn and horse pastures, old green trees, and blue sky. It was unbelievable. Palm Springs represents an oasis to me, a place away from school and life and insanity and clients... a place that restores my soul. We eat well there, laugh, give each other hugs, play with the girls and the dogs, and swim.

Koffi is the highlight for me. It's a fabulous little spot where perfect coffee and dogs and friendly people and sunshine and mountains collide. Just writing about it right now makes me so happy. Since we're moving soon I said my goodbyes to Koffi and Palm Springs on our last trip, just in case it is our last time there (for a while at least).

I'm sure I couldn't be a full time resident, but it makes me happy to see my grandma really thriving in that environment. She swims, golfs, and plays tennis. She's a crazy good golfer and sometimes she swims 3 times a day! We spent most of the weekend with her watching movies and relaxing and eating good food. It was really fun. I want to be content with my city like she is, I think that's rare.

If you live in LA you have to visit Palm Springs. You can get great rates on hotels during the off season and it is only 2 hours away. I hope I don't sound silly, like an advertisement, but I really love going there and I think all Fuller families need to experience a little escape in their lives. I know it can be stressful.

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