Monday, September 29, 2008

an extended summer

Life here since we've been back from Portland seems like an unexpected extension of beautiful weather, hanging out with friends, and summer life.

Last weekend I rode with Ruby on her scooter to the market and got fresh fruits and veggies, walked to and around the Rose Bowl with the Santa Ana winds blowing, went swimming in our pool, toured wineries in the Santa Barbara area with friends, and went on a bike ride with Donovan to a newly discovered park for a picnic. It has been SUCH a fun week, and I am reminding myself every day to hold on to these experiences as they come and be grateful for them.

I think the process of preparing my heart to move and beginning to transition has made life more beautiful. Every little thing is something I may see for the last time, every person a unique part of my life that can't be recreated elsewhere. Of course, sometimes this is confusing and I wonder if we should go beg Fuller to let us stay in Beth Re'im for another year so that we can continue to live here.

Ah, but life must move on...

Here are some pictures from the weekend of fun.

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said... sentimental! I think Fuller might let you stay :)