Sunday, September 7, 2008


I love the Hargraves. They are new professors at Fuller. I've bumped into them twice in the last week around Pasadena and Fuller. They are my parent's age and they are really nice.
We just got back from Ralphs and ran into them. Sharon, Dr. Hargrave's wife, said she misses bumping into people she knows at the grocery store, and so we have fulfilled a part of her dream by seeing her there.
I remember being new to Pasadena and feeling the same way. Shesh, I only knew about 5 people, and what were the chances of seeing them at the store? It was very sad because it represented more to me than just not seeing people at the grocery store, of course. It meant that I lived in this big, wide city with millions of strangers and the history that I have with those in Gladstone or Portland would never quite be recreated here.
Sharon and Terry are from Amarillo, TX and they're nice people. I haven't met many Oregonians since moving to Pasadena (maybe less than 5) but I have met lots of Texans and I really like them. They share a love of a slower pace of live, knowing others in your community, and hospitality. I couldn't believe it but the other day Sharon and I sat down and talked for 1.5 when we saw each other on campus. They are both clinicians and he's a professor and it's really easy to talk to them because there is so much to learn from them. We're both sad, the Hargraves and I, that I couldn't stay longer/they couldn't come earlier.
Now, I am leaving the city of Pasadena and thinking on the unique things that make this a lovely place to be. I'm sure the things I missed about Portland will still be very enjoyable when I move back (I can't wait to go to Francis' again and swim in lakes and rivers!!) but of course, I will miss so much about being here. It's strange talking with the Hargraves because it's kinda like coming full circle in my experience here. Now I'm the one telling people the most cost effective items to buy at the Farmer's Market and Trader Joes, and where the best theatres are.