Thursday, January 29, 2009

all the ladies

A few days ago I went to Bob's Red Mill with all the ladies on my mom's side of the family. Bob's was good, lots of healthy food baked fresh there, yum! My mom has 7 siblings (she's the youngest), 6 of which are female. Out of all of those families all are parents and many of my aunts are grandparents too. By some freakish run of events many of those people are also female. I think this is why I spent many of my late teens and early twenties wanting nothing to do with women. I'm sure this also had to do with being raised in a very female nuclear family. Not that there is anything unhealthy or bad about my family but it was my way to process the overload of hormones, drama, and talk-your-ear-off-syndrome. I think I'm over it now. Since I've been back to Portland I've really appreciated the depth of history that I have and how great it is to be alive and all living in the Portland metro area (minus a few who have left over the years).

Not surprisingly our breakfast date at Bob's was SO fun. It was almost like a movie scene how we all trickled in and the servers kept being surprised that more had joined our party. Yes, we're all related! My three cousins, two sisters, mom, three aunts, and cousin by marriage were all there. We talked about babies (of course), finding social work jobs, family stories, current work situations, and the latest things we had done to our homes (my cousin is in the middle of a big mural project at her house). My aunt (the oldest of the family and the current matriarch) had a contest with me to see who could take a more steady picture on my iPhone. It was tough because the lighting was weird but I won! Here's to many more years with these hilarious and wonderful women.

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