Thursday, January 22, 2009

blue joe coffee, extended

Today my favorite coffee shop in Lake Oswego closed! By chance I decided to go there early in the day because they have early hours and we got there 30 minutes before they closed the shop permanently. I almost didn't believe the owner when he said "permanently" ... like, forever? He said it all happened really fast and this morning he notified his staff. The business was only bringing in $30,000 a week and the economy is only getting worse... I'm still in shock. It's always full every day. He said he might open up shop in Orange County later in the year (insert frustrated Portlander laugh) I just can't believe it, Blue Joe is gone. As I sipped my last sip of hot soy vanilla latte I thought about how fleeting coffee is and how evasive yet romantic it is to enjoy a moment with a friend over a cup of joe and how that makes it all so wonderful.

I'm trying to find something in Lake Oswego that I can transfer my faithfulness to, but I just haven't found any other spots that we really love. We love the library, so I guess for a while we'll be there more often. That sounds geeky, but it's really the best library in the state and has been for many years, so it's nice. Anyone have any ideas about cool local spots or coffee shops?

I'm thinking about exploring some mom and pop breakfast joints, LO seems to do that rather well. Possibly a bakery or something. I'll let you know what come of my adventures. For now, I will have to make the 20 min drive to Stumptown each time I get desperate.