Monday, January 26, 2009

monday blessings

There are little things to celebrate each day. I am reminded of this as I read through my friends blogs, each a narrative of celebrations... one found joy and blessings from God in the short snowfall this weekend, another juxtaposing the celebration of her son's life to the current economic crisis, another celebrating the inauguration and challenging us to continue to care about the injustices in the world.

I too have much to celebrate. We went to another new church this weekend (this is number 5 on our Portland church journey) and the people there were very loving and accepting. It is so great to see a body of Christ who is embracing outsiders and wholeheartedly welcoming. I don't know if we'll end up going there forever but that Sunday alone was a special encouragement to me. What funny timing! My parents just called me as I was blogging and invited us out to Monday lunch (my dad's weekend is Sunday/Monday and it's become somewhat of a tradition since Don, my mom, and I have such flexible schedules). In tough economic times a big meal paid for each week by the 'rents is a big deal! (I feel like such a college student making such a statement) I can celebrate that Bonny called me this morning and wants to hire me (starting in August) as a volunteer therapist... at least I would get my license sooner even though there is no pay. And I can celebrate being on my porch this morning reveling in the sunshine and cool weather and silence and God's glory. Sometimes I have Sunday night blues (an unfortunate reminder that I don't have a "real job" to wake up for the next day) and it's good to realize that Mondays can surprise us in all these small ways.

Gotta go! I'm off to eat some sushi! YUM!

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