Thursday, January 22, 2009

decorating things

I've been watching some designing shows and getting inspired. I was a little down and out thinking about how we have no money, and even a small budget could go so far in our new place. I don't know if I would more love to paint, refurbish furniture, or get big pieces (like a huge italian dinner table with benches)... that is if there was a budget.

But I didn't let my situation get me down. I brought out old things and arranged them in a new way, and it actually doesn't look bad. In one very manic night I redid the bedroom, did a cute thing on the mantel, and even found a few cute pieces for the bathroom and kitchen. It feels really homey here now! Well, maybe that's a bit too overly excited... it feels *rather* homey here now, which is still a great improvement. The whole night of decorating started because I wanted to find storage for my artifical Christmas tree (the outdoor storage is getting full thanks to the drum cases)... it's hidden under a big sheet and kinda looks like a big table or something.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Yay....good job! A little can go a long way eh!

tree hugger said...

indeed! the first morning we woke up in our bedroom we were like, WHOA! the headboard being gone really made it brighter and prettier!