Saturday, January 31, 2009

beauty, jobs, and transition

We went to the Portland Art Museum today with our friends the Johansen family. The most beautiful things of the day: the foggy morning, the mother/baby 4' tall painting, Native American masks (I have a new appreciation for art when viewing it with three little people!), and Kate falling asleep in her stroller. In addition to this beautiful day with toddlers and kids we roamed the streets of downtown and found ourselves in Stumptown. It was SOOO good. It is defenitely better than Blue Joe, which I was a bit surprised by. Not that they were better but that they were SO much better. I could have done without the echo-y architecture and acrodian music though, come on guys.

Being poor married people like we are I'm greatly looking forward to tomorrow mostly for the food... although partly for the people, partly for the commercials, and definately partly for the doggies.

In other news, I might be an aunt soon. My oldest sister informed me that they're trying. I think it will be fun to be aunty Em, for real this time (not just for baby Hershey).

On the job front, I may get hired as a therapist at my alma matter to start in August. The good news is the opportunity to do supervision (me! at 25 years old!). The bad news is there is no pay.

Donovan also has new job news. He is going to start doing contract work soon for a FileMaker business. Yippee! We're still hoping something more full time pulls through for either one or both of us. But that's a start!

Our transition to Portland still continues... we haven't found a church yet, we really haven't finished decorating our new place, we are still figuring out how we will make money and work in Portland, and we get lost or confused about where we are fairly often (a sign to me that we're still not "settled" yet). Transition is challenging, but good. I'm learning to embrace not knowing all the time and just trying to do our best.