Saturday, August 16, 2008


We should call this the blog for transportation issues!...

Today we drove for 1.5 hours and then headed to the shop to get our Smog Check.... turns out we failed. Horribly.

So we came home and tried to apply for the incentive program. The program was set up so people could get a $1000 incentive for retiring their cars that don't pass the smog check in California. This also included repair cost coverage for those who are under a certain gross income, if that was preferred by the car owner. Unfortunately we found out that although they sent us a flier this week regarding the incentive, they discontinued the program as of 7/31/08 because Schwarzenegger is... well... confused about priorities. Maybe not confused, as they were never his priorities in the first place, but his recent bill is more than disappointing to us at this point. As Donovan says, both the poor and environmentalism are not top on his list. I liked the quote I heard one state worker say in response to Schwarzenegger's cuts to state worker's wages down to federal wages: he's rich, so he don't know what it's like to get your wages cut like that, it means we won't have food on the table. I feel you, lady, I feel you.

So we're brainstorming right now what we will do. Becoming a zero car household is one of the thoughts we have kicked around for a while, and now may just be the greatest time to make it happen. We'll see. LA is a very car central place, so it may be difficult.

In other news we're having a very fun and local weekend. Tonight we'll go to the Indian Dinner night with our apartment complex, Beth Re'im. I'll try to take some pictures. We're watching the Olympics on our new TV that we got from Kacy, catching up with friends, and possibly going to another concert in the park. We missed the farmer's market due to the car situation :( but we want to go next weekend.

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