Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a miracle has happened!

When I started writing this blog I was writing that our taxes still haven't been processed and how it has caused some emotional and financial woes in our household. Yes, we filed before April 15, and no, we still haven't gotten our taxes processed. We have had several trip ups along the way including being really stressed, arguing about whether to do it personally or professionally, getting them in just before the deadline, making a mistake on our first submission, not knowing what to do when we didn't hear back from the IRS, and resubmitting them on our own only to have them denied again. Over coffee I told my friend Robin from church about all of these things that are happening and she said that Len, her husband, could help us. He's a tax man :)

Len and Robin really rescued us from big trouble. Total, including the kicker checks we should be getting almost two thousand dollars back. But because we didn't submit them properly the first time we almost lost the possibility of getting a kicker check! Yikes! Plus they saved us from killing each other because we were both getting pretty stressed about the idea of the money never coming.

Len just called a few minutes ago and he said that he was able to process our taxes! Yea! Len is a miracle worker when it comes to taxes; he even processed them a different way and got us more money than we knew possible! Thanks Len! He also acted on our behalf and worked out all the kinks with our original submission so that we can get the kicker check. Praise God!

This has really shown us what a blessing it can be to live within a church that cares for and prays with you, works together with their skills to help others in need, teaches others, mentors, dialogues and waits patiently, and practices the life of Jesus Christ in relationship to one another. What a good reminder of God's love! He cares for us and understands and hears our cries even regarding our tax problems and our financial burdens. Thanks God, that's great.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Nice one....I hate taxes and money.

Janelle said...

I especially hate taxes and money when we don't have very much of it!
Someday I'd love to not worry about money, regardless whether it's living without it completely or having a LOT of it.