Wednesday, October 15, 2008

foriegn countries + dancing + garlic = Emily!

Ruby tagged me a long time ago and now I'm finally getting to posting about myself.

A few facts about me:

1. I was the token youngest child, always performing dances for my parents, often ones I had made up myself and very frequently to a nice early nineties hit. Sometimes the performances included singing or dressing up, but always included dancing. I performed dance with studios and competitively starting at 3 and until I was 21.

2. I've done homestays in Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Uganda. I refer to my homestay parents in Africa as mom and dad. I love them.

3. I recently discovered garlic and now I eat it upon every chance that I get. It's kind of gross, because it really makes your breath stink, but I'm pretty sure it's worth it.

4. As I child I may have had some learning problem that went undiagnosed, or just some serious attention problems, but my siblings often told me I was the worst listener ever. It's kind of funny to think about now because now I'm in a totally listening-focused profession.

5. I memorize music almost instantly. This little trick of mine makes Donovan crazy!

6. I never really grew up knowing my grandparents. Three of my grandparents died within a year of each other, all between my 1st and 2nd grade year, and I was never close to my only living grandparent after that time. So it was a really fun experience getting married and inheriting 5 really amazing grandparents.

7. I love being in nature and hearing nothing at all except the birds and the air and the crunch of my feet on the ground. It is the most serene and beautiful thing I can think of.

Now I have to tag 7 other friends. Okay... Janelle, Nate, Kendra, Linda Beth, Michelle, Janneke and Mav, you're it!

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

How did you not know about garlic until recently?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

PS...I wish I could remember songs :)