Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I woke up and God surprised me

I met a really nice African woman on campus today and helped show her to the right building for her meeting. It reminded me of all of the people who helped me when I was a foreigner in an unknown land and how grateful I was to them. She had the cutest little son and they had been walking around for almost an hour getting bad directions from a handful of people. When we finally made it to the correct room one of the two women shook my hand and grabbed her arm with her other hand (to show great thanks or respect) and it made me tear up. That one act transformed my day and reminded me of how grateful I am for God's love and how rarely I remember his graciousness to me at the beginning of each day.
It inspired me to do something about what is happening in Uganda right now. So I signed up for GuluWalk. You can read more about it at my personal page
I also contacted some old friends I met in Uganda whom I hope to stay in dialogue with about how we can be faithful to God regarding what is going on right now with our fellow brothers and sisters in Uganda. What a surprise this was for my day! I thought I was just heading to the gym!

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

way to be proactive Emmy (I need to try out a few nick names for you :)