Sunday, October 26, 2008

the road from Pasadena to Portland

Moving is tough! Thankfully we had a lot of help from friends and family in both Pasadena and Portland. We had some GREAT coffees right before we left made by Jamie. Thanks Jamie! They were so good.

Kyle and Kelly let us stay at their house and it was so fun. We learned a lot about life in Davis, CA and shared stories and good food together. After many many miles we started to see some beautiful trees. We forgot what fall looks like!...

Ashland was my favorite. I want to go back there and spend some time there next fall. It's really beautiful. Our homecoming was really fun too because Hershey greeted us with licks and jumps for joy even though it was really late. I think he knew something was about to happen but when we showed up in our huge truck and hopped out he was really surprised. For the last week I have been spoiling him like a good auntie :)

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