Monday, October 13, 2008


Pasadena has been having some weird weather lately. All weekend it was chilly and breezy, a real change from the heat and sun. It crated a rare atmosphere where we just wanted to be cuddled up with a good movie and a cup of tea all weekend. Of course, there were long bouts of apartment searching and moving planning, but all in all we needed some down time together. Over the next month we will be in a rush of transition including packing, cleaning, goodbyes, hellos, apartment searching, storing, unstoring, removing, settling, and being separate for three weeks while Donovan finishes work in Pasadena. I like to think of Alina's term "stolen time" when I think about this weekend... time unforeseen to sit and be together, time to do nothing although the world around us is moving so fast just like the whipping wind. Cold air here creates a bit of excitement, there were more people wondering the streets of Colorado and many happy women with scarves that have been long tucked away in their closets now adorning their necks. It always makes me smile to see someone wearing a tee shirt, a skirt, and a scarf in California. I will never get used to that.
As for now, the weather has warmed back up a bit and we even have our first serious fire of the fall. It's funny how before I used to be so worried about air quality and traffic and the long list of problems that occur when almost 10 million people live in a small area. But now I feel indifferent, unattached, estranged... Yet when it comes to the parts of Pasadena that I love, I feel sad to leave them. I think my mind is playing games on me, because if I were to live here longer I'm sure I would say to myself over and over how strange it is to be in a land different from Portland and be constantly comparing it to my home city, criticizing it in the ways in which it doesn't live up.
For now I will embrace today: a clear, bright, fairly warm day with friends and food and some daily monotony as well as choas. And take one day at a time.

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